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Blue Laws That Still Exist in the US

Blue Laws That Still Exist in the US

Blue Laws That Still Exist in the US: A Thing of the Past or Still Relevant Today?

Blue laws are regulations that govern public behavior on certain days, usually on Sundays or religious holidays. These laws were named after the blue paper they were printed on back in the day. While some of them have been overturned over the years, others remain enforceable to this day. In this article, we’ll explore some of the blue laws that still exist in the US and assess whether or not they are still relevant today.

Alcohol Sales Restrictions

One of the most common blue laws still in existence today is the restriction on alcohol sales. In some states, the sale of alcohol is prohibited or limited on Sundays, citing religious reasons. Some states also have restrictions on when alcohol can be sold, typically between the hours of 9 am and 2 am. This law is seen as outdated by some since people should be allowed to purchase alcohol at any time they please.

Retail Store Closures

Another common blue law still in existence is the restriction on retail store openings on Sundays, which is still enforced in some states. While this law used to be grounded in religious beliefs, it is now seen as a way to give retail workers a day off to enjoy with their families. However, some argue that it should be left up to the individual retailers to decide whether they want to open or not, as they should be allowed to generate revenue whenever possible.

No Hunting or Fishing on Sundays

A strange blue law that still exists in some states is the prohibition on hunting or fishing on Sundays. This is believed to be a leftover law from colonial times when Sunday was considered a day of rest. However, many sportsmen find this law to be intrusive and unnecessary. They argue that they should be free to engage in their hobbies during the weekend, including on Sundays.

No Car Sales on Sundays

Many states in the US still prohibit car dealerships from being open on Sundays. This law is based on religious reasons, as it was believed that people should be observing the Sabbath instead of buying cars. However, car sales are a huge source of revenue for dealerships, and they are losing out on valuable business by not being open on Sundays. As such, some states have lifted this ban, while others remain stubbornly clinging to tradition.

No Public Dancing

Believe it or not, some states still have laws that prohibit public dancing on Sundays. The reasoning behind this law is unclear, but it is believed to have originated from religious beliefs. Public dancing is now seen as a way to promote social interaction, and some argue that this law should be lifted to allow for more opportunities for social bonding.


In conclusion, blue laws that still exist in the US are a curious relic of a bygone era. While many of them initially had good intentions, they are now seen as intrusive and outdated. As such, many states are working on lifting these laws to give their citizens more individual freedoms. Nevertheless, some people still believe that these laws are necessary and should be continued. It’s up to each state to decide whether they want to stick to tradition or evolve with the times.